Standard Added Equipment

3M Paint Protection Film

Clear film is applied to your vehicle in order to protect its paint finish. It's virtually invisible and will not fade or weather as time goes on. The film helps to protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches and other surface imperfections that occur over time. 

Heavy Duty Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps will protect your vehicle from stones and gravel thrown from the vehicle's tires and will help prevent damage.

Wooden or spray in Box Liner

Box Liners provide a permanent solution to prevent scrapes and dents. The plywood material also provides a resistant surface giving you long lasting durable protection and grip.

Husky Floor Liners

Floor Liners are made from a rubberized material that conforms perfectly to the vehicle's floorboard. The form-fitting edge and raised ribs are designed to help keep damaging spills and mud off the doorsill and carpet and allows for easier entry and exit.


Optional Equipment Available

Cobalt Truck Rentals Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

goodyear wrangler duratrac10 ply tires

Offer enhanced traction in deep mud and snow. The highly angled centre tread blocks help provide traction and lateral stability while also reducing road noise. Features the Mountain Snowflake symbol for legal winter use.


Cobalt Truck Rentals Step Bars

step bars

Offer a wide step with treaded pads, allowing for excellent gripping capabilities in any winter condition. The grooved design of these pads allow water to drain from the stepping surface, so a chance of slipping is significantly decreased. In addition to the non-slip surface, the installation of side bars provides a stable surface for anybody to step on.


Cobalt Truck Rentals Back Rack

Back rack

Back Rack's cab protectors offer a stylish solution to the headache of worrying about dented metal and broken glass. Choose the Back Rack for high style if you need horizontal bars that can deflect big heavy items such as tree stumps, or opt for the Safety Rack with cage-type grid work that blocks smaller objects such as sliding piping. Whichever one you choose, both provide 2-inch square tubing supported by horizontal brackets along both bed rails. 

Cobalt Truck Rentals Bed Rails

bed rails

These Side Rails take pickup truck cargo safety to a higher level with limitless amounts of tie-down options to prevent items from sliding, falling over and getting damaged. The Side Rails can also be used as a base to install cross-bars similar to a roof rack setup.

Cobalt Truck Rentals Light Bar

led light bar

The LED Light Bar is an excellent value in terms of cost, performance, durability, flexibility of configuration and, of course, easy installation and use. Suitable for any application where vehicle warning is required, the Light Bar is available to suit any specific need.

Cobalt Truck Rentals Safety Flag

buggy whip with safety flag & led beacon

A Buggy Whip displays high visibility safety flags to improve visibility for drivers of heavy machinery. Mounting onto the bumper bars of light vehicles, these give vehicles an extra layer of protection. By combining a bright LED with a tall reflective safety flag, drivers of light vehicles can ensure they are always in the line of sight of heavy machinery.


cobalt rentals can also equip vehicles with:

Seat Covers, CB Radios, 5th Wheel Hitches, Positive Air Shut Offs, Slip Tanks, Toolboxes, Lift & Leveling Kits, Racking Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Extra Battery, Emergency Kits, First Aid Kits, and many other items upon request.


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All optional equipment items are available at an additional cost, added to your monthly rental payment.

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